Physiotherapists will virtually track their patients’ recovery

As part of our transformation and refreshed approach to healthcare, the Allied Health team is focusing on developing new tools that are tailored to patients’ needs and expectations.

“We have introduced a new way to place exercise prescription at the patients’ fingertips through Physitrack®, the new Physio App which is up and running,” said Kieren Morgan, Head of Allied Health. “This App facilitates online exercise sessions, messages between practitioner and patient, a documented rehabilitation journey and telehealth.

The Physitrack® App works across digital devices, making telehealth and continued care possible, easier and more convenient for both practitioners and patients

“The Physitrack® App allows practitioners to track patient compliance and offers a portal for the patient to give real-time feedback about issues such as pain. This makes it easier for practitioners to follow up and recommend further exercises. Likewise, these real-time outcomes of this App improve the clinical outcome and the patient experience at Primary Physio.

“We are happy with the uptake it has had amongst our physiotherapists. By offering an avenue with home exercise programs that feature high definition exercise videos recorded by expert physiotherapists, we are becoming more competitive.”



Examples of some of the exercise videos available to patients on the Physitrack® App

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